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Gutter cleaning is one of the most important ways to maintain your home or business. The gutters main purpose is to protect the building’s foundation, by channeling water away from it’s base. When the gutter system is full of leaves and debris it becomes the main reason for water problems in your basement causing a cracked foundation or structure. If you notice a gutter overflowing during a rainstorm or snow-melt, this would be an indication you have clogged gutters and in need of professional gutter cleaning. 


Benefits of using Tidy gutter vacuuming
• Clean gutters safely 
• Eliminate the risk associated with working at heights
• No damage caused by resting ladder against gutters
• Prevent damage from roof walking
• Leaves and debris are vacuumed up and taken away

Tidy Window Cleaning uses the latest in vacuuming technology to clean your gutters safely from the ground. Keeping you and our techs safe and out of harms way. Reduce the risk of unwanted damage caused from improperly setting a ladder against your gutter system. Prevent any damage to your shingles by having an associate incorrectly walk across the roof line. Contact Tidy to receive a fast, friendly and free quote or more information about our gutter maintenance programs available for annual and semi-annual gutter and downspout cleaning.

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• Gutter Cleaning
• Gutter Vacuuming
• Clogged Gutters Cleaning
• Downspout Cleaning and Flushing

Our gutter cleaning services are available in the following West Michigan cities: Ada, MI, Byron Center, MI, Caledonia, MI, Cascade, MI, East Grand Rapids, MI, Grand Haven, MI, Grand Rapids, MI, Holland MI, Lowell, MI, Rockford, MI, and Spring Lake, MI.